Week of June 15, 2015


For all workouts move with purpose. This should simulate the pace set on a fire ground. If you are working out by yourself imagine what would happen if you were with your crew and stopped on the fire ground (Someone takes your line, someone hooks your ceiling, someone rescues your victim, someone cuts your roof, etc). These shorter workouts are going to work because of the intensity in which you do them.

Thursday 5PM:

Back Squats, Week 8

Workout: MG
As many rounds as possible in 10 Mins
1 Stair Accent
20 Squats
10 Push-ups

Tabata Planks

Friday 6AM:

Strict Press, Week 8

Workout: MGW
3 Rounds
400m Run
5 Pull-ups
10 Hang Power Cleans

100 Good Mornings

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